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We provide services for leading companies and organisations across a variety of sectors. Projects undertaken include the following:

National House-Building Council: in-house and customer magazines, feature writing and annual report

Alliance Gas: corporate brochure
BP: corporate brochure

Cunningham Group: brochures
Jonathan Wren: newsletters and brochures
Thomas Howell Group: brochures

IT & telecoms
BT: web sites, in-house and client magazines, brochures, case studies, web magazines
BT Cellnet: bi-monthly web-based magazine
Compaq: brochures and magazines
Dell: brochures and mailers
i21: corporate web site and brochure
enCommerce: brochures
Hewlett-Packard: brochures, CD Rom
Logica: brochures, annual report, client newsletter and feature writing
Madge Networks: brochures, mailers and adverts
NTL Internet: brochures and CD Rom user guide
Santa Cruz Operation (SCO): case studies and brochures
SDX: case studies
Sema Group: brochures and in-house and client newsletters
Unisys: corporate brochures

Sport England: annual report
Deloitte Consulting: brochure, reports
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development: newsletter
PricewaterhouseCoopers: newsletters, reports

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